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seren_marelac's Journal

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****This is an RPG character journal****

Age: 18

Seme, uke, or somewhere in the middle?: Uke

Special talents, abilities, etc.: Good with electronics, although most of his knowledge has come from experience rather than training. Comfortable in small spaces. Very good memory.

Personality: Beneath his ‘street-kid’ exterior, Seren really wants to make something of his life. He’s loyal once he gives his word to someone, adventurous, and enjoys being around people. In rare moments when he’s off-guard, he still shows an almost child-like enthusiasm for ‘those other worlds out there’.

Likes: Learning new things, music, particulary fond of ginger sweets

Dislikes: Silence. Most of his past.

Strengths: Quick-minded, flexible, agile.

Weaknesses: Not very strong physically. A little new to the organization of a ship.

Background: Seren has been on his own since he was 13. His mother had too many mouths to feed and basically kicked him out as the one most likely to be able to fend for himself. He was ‘kept’ by a brothel madam until he was 15, at which point she tried to rent him out to female clients. This has left him suspicious of women. For the next two years he lived on the streets, scraping by with odd jobs of varying legality.

Appearance: Seren is 5’6” tall, about 110 pounds. He has a mixed heritage that gives him a lightly-tanned look with vivid blue-green eyes. His brown hair is always pulled back in a rough braid.

Your character's reason for joining the crew of The Penetrator: After a couple of minor infractions and a run-in with the members of an extensive gang, Seren has realized that he needs to make a fresh start – anywhere else. He has applied to the crew as a general assistant: “I’m a quick study – good with my hands... Just let me know what needs doing.”